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ZanyStudio Jihlava

We create fun games, interactive books and educational tools for children and all parents and teachers who like to have fun exploring together.


You're hidden in the deep night when the shadows rule.

The shadows will not fade, they will not flee. You can't hide from them, you can't run from them. Let's get out of here, your light must get out from within. And what its rays can do for you is more than you can see. The glow gets bigger when it has room to run. It gets smaller when it hits an obstacle it's tracing. It can go out without warning when it hits darkness. Come together to outwit the shadows in your dreams with the beam, to defeat the shadow demons.


Thrilling brain teasers for all ages. It will entertain you and teach you to think creatively. You will have a lot of fun with interactive riddles and animated puzzles.