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ZanyStudio Jihlava

We create fun games, interactive books and educational tools for children and all parents and teachers who like to have fun exploring together.


The main reasons why we prefer iOS devices to other mobile platforms are the users. iPad is such a great piece of technology that works really simply and reliably. Your children are able to handle this equipment naturally and immediately.

There are many different devices running on the Android platform. We know thousands of configurations and their number is still growing. Due to the different quality of products, we cannot rely on full compatibility and the applications often leave much to be desired. It is a complete loss of time for the developers if their application does not look nice and does not run smoothly. In such a case, you will be disappointed with your purchase. We are talking about expensive high-end devices, but rather about some cheap and unbranded products. We are not able to test our software on every Android tablet or phone. That is why we prefer iOS devices. In this way, we are sure that you get quality experience for your money.

Our applications are designed mainly for larger tablets. Pictures looks great on big screens and the touch control is much more accurate. True to say, everything also works well on the phone but the texts are smaller and it is harder to press the precise button. But this is no obstacle because our apps are narrated by a native speaker.

It would be a mistake to keep our children away from technologies. Tablet is a great tool for the first experience of the world of technology. Computers are an inseparable part of today's society and they will keep our children company throughout their lives. Now children can directly touch the screen to control their device. We do not think it necessary to build a barrier around our children and restrict their access to tools that help us, adults. But it is you who will guide your children in working and playing on it. You have to control the time that you let your children play with their tablets and which content is appropriate for them.

Free version of app usually contains three selected modules. You can find out if the content is interesting to you. A frequent question after installing the full version is: "Where can I find it?" At this point, you have usually two apps installed with almost the same icons. One with a "FREE" sign and the second app with an "HD" sign. The first one with a "FREE" label could be safely deleted. If you already have a full version just go to the "HD" labeled icon, and you can start to explore the complete content.

Do you have low disk space and you decide to uninstall the application? No problem. Once you have purchased the application with your account you own it forever. Our app is ready for download at the store any time you want. Just select "purchased items" and you can install the application again.

We think that children should not be made to spend money for in-app purchases. Our applications are safe. We have never added any in-app purchases in our applications and we will not include them in the future.

The development of each app takes more than half a year. We cooperate with a number of experts, such as teachers, psychologist and translators. These people are paid for their professional work. Therefore, most of our applications are paid. Your purchases support us. The funds obtained from the sale of products are invested back into new projects. We create things that make sense.

You will be immediately notified of a new update after its publication. The application is for you free forever after the first purchase. Including all updates and any new content.

The app may not meet your expectations. The seller is not us, but always the Appstore and Play store, who only send us a commission after about 2 months after your purchase, minus all possible fees and their 30% margin. Both Apple and Google will allow you a refund within 14 days of purchase, but you shouldn't have to do it often to get approved when you really need it.

Our principles:


Apps will never have in-app purchases and advertisements. They are for children. Purchasing is one-time.


The installation is for both tablet and phone simultaneously. You always have both versions available with the purchase.


We aim to keep prices under $5. For more demanding ones, months of work are often required.


Utilize feedback, we'll respond. You can participate in the creative process (streaming).

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