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ZanyStudio Jihlava

We create fun games, interactive books and educational tools for children and all parents and teachers who like to have fun exploring together.


There was a wolf in the woods that had a lot of responsibilities…

but that is not the beginning of the Little Red Riding Hood tale. And what if this is its ending?
Let us retell the story of Little Red Riding Hood to your children in a new interactive way, adding a positive denouement to the story.
You can decide if you want to listen to the narrator, while your children explore the forest and grandmother´s cottage. Another possibility is to read the interactive book together with your children. The texts in comic balloons will takes you through the story. There are highlighted areas for children's restless fingers and vivid imagination. All objects in the scenes are beautifully animated and accompanied by sound. It is amusing to touch the individual parts of the picture.
Over hundred interactive elements are ready for you in the book. Open it and you will see that reading this book with your children is a great fun. Check out the video preview below.


We publish children's books by popular authors electronically. Brightly colored illustrations and easy-to-understand line drawings are followed by educational poems and texts.