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ZanyStudio Jihlava

We create fun games, interactive books and educational tools for children and all parents and teachers who like to have fun exploring together.


The drawing workbook is finally endless!

Set of 118 graphomotor worksheets will help children develop their writing skills. Easy to check the fluency of the stroke.
Parents and teachers need to have an infinity workbook for children when practicing writing. One where they would be able to start practicing on a clean page, over and over again. That's exactly the tool you have in front of you right now. A set of graphomotor worksheets will help children develop in the area of graphomotor skills, taking into account their needs and abilities. This important skill is one of the cornerstones on which a child builds their education.
In order to learn to write correctly, a child needs to have an adequately developed fine motor area. We recommend using the app with a stylus, making sure to grip it correctly and keep the hand relaxed. Adequacy of pressure on the pad and confidence in pulling the pen is easily checked with the help of a calligraphic line, which shows its strength according to the smoothness of the child's stroke. An animated dot indicates the correct line draw and advises the child where to start and how to proceed as they write further. The sheets take you from free pencil movement through different types of lines to connecting the dots.
Concentrate on the rich variety of activities, choosing the easy ones first according to the group in which the sheet is included. Increase the difficulty slowly and allow time for the child to automate and perfect the element just mastered before moving on to the next group.
Encourage and praise children for even small achievements to promote self-confidence and a positive attitude to coping with later schooling.


We create apps that engage children's brains and allow them to have fun while they're learning. There is no point in duplicating textbooks, but offering what paper media cannot. Add the ability to work with the content, add sound and animation interactively. Kids can browse and rehearse, test skills, and see what they already know. In this way, the apps support a learning process through their own experiences, successes and mistakes.